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Letheshome sought from an early age the excellence in the production of its home textiles, and it was in this sense that the company has bet, over time, on the training of its employees, in order to guarantee the quality that is required. View more

Brand History

In the year 135 BC the Roman hosts commanded by Brutal Decities reached the banks of the Lima river. Surprised by the beauty of the place, they judged themselves before the legendary river Lethes that erased all the memories that dared to cross.
The commander, wielding the standard of the Eagles of Rome, crossed it and from the other shore called by name, one by one, his soldiers.
Thus, he proved to them that, although dazzling, it was not the legendary river Lethes, that of forgetfulness ...
And that's how Lethes Home presents itself: beautiful, magical and almost mythical!
We want you to not forget anything! On the contrary, we want you to grow in yourself the curiosity about Lethes Home and remember it forever!
Lethes Home is the result of the Vianatece handicraft and weaving industry for retail, located on the banks of the Lima river in Viana do Castelo.
In creating the brand, it was clear that even in a very subliminal way, the name was minted with a kind of certificate of origin.
The inspiration was then the legend associated with the Lima river that was once known as "river of oblivion for such a beautiful being!"

Concept - Spaces dedicated to the house

So dedicated they offer everything from the little cutlery to the double bed!
Habitar summons the relation that man establishes with the place, becoming at the moment a particularly dynamic concept. Aware of this close relationship between space and how to use, manage and enjoy it, the Lethes Home concept is in perfect agreement with this trend. That is why Lethes Home is attentive to the most innovative proposals, makes of its stores places of temptation for anyone who wants to make their home, business, work space or leisure space a more modern, personal and attractive space .
The stores offer a sophisticated and purist ambience to the objects, helping to direct the look according to what you are looking for, whether by theme, by necessity or simply to be inspired. Thus, although molded to the image of what their own collections previously convey, store spaces maintain specific characteristics, which live from the general scenery of environments, through a "turn-key" proposal because experience tells us that there may be some distance between the imaginary and the final result.
The great differentiating asset is based on the textile products that are deeply contemporary and urban, but they are made in manual looms in Portugal in its creative and productive unit, according to the secular traditions and inspirations that are often ethnographic, rich in art and culture.
Products as eclectic in functionality as in price!

Quality - Cultural Discipline

The great differentiating asset is based on the deeply contemporary and urban textile products, but they are made in Portuguese hand looms in their creative and productive unity, according to the secular traditions and inspirations that are often ethnographic, rich in art and
culture. Always guaranteeing the edition of new collections of products, aesthetically, useful and diversified, and the constant supply of unique and exclusive articles of the brand, under the acronym Made in Portugl, appealing to the pride in the consumption of what is produced in Portugal.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We clearly assume in our work methodology responsibility for our customers, employees and the environment.
We use resources permanently in order to minimize any negative impact on the environment, proposing all the added value of handmade products with recycled raw materials.

Universal Language

Our products speak a universal language: design and quality for all.
The rigorous development process of each product aims to improve aesthetics, comfort, functionality and optimization of materials use based on a balanced price.

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