Your orders arrive with full compliance according to what you had ordered through the online store, do not have any concern.


The products on this website are available to all countries of the European Union.

The values of the postage to send the merchandise are:

Portugal Continental: From 0€ to 50€ - 4,00€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 50€
Madeira/ Açores: From 0€ to 200€ - 12,50€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 200€
Espanha Peninsular: From 0€ to 150€ - 8€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 150€
Espanha Ilhas Baleares (Maiorca e Ibiza): From 0€ to 400€ - 35€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 400€
Espanha Canárias (Canárias, Las Palmas Tenerife e Gran Canárias): From 0€ to 400€ - 35€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 400€

França: From 0€ to 400€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 400€
Itália: From 0€ to 400€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 400€
Reino Unido: From 0€ to 500€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 500€
Holanda: From 0€ to 500€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 500€
Bélgica: From 0€ to 500€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 500€
Luxemburgo: 0€ até 500€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 500€ 
Alemanha: From 0€ to 500€ - 18€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 500€
Córsega/ Sardenha: From 0€ to 600€ - 60€ Shipping Cost, Free for purchases above 600€

Deliveries will be made at the address indicated by you in the identification process.

Deliveries will be made Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Check that the outer packaging does not show signs of abuse;

Open the packaging in the indicated areas and keep them in good condition for a period of 48 hours;

Check that the products have no visible defects in transport or manufacture;

The customer has the right to ask the carrier to await verification of the delivered goods;

The documents that accompany the delivery are:
Invoice of goods (Original and duplicate for the customer).

You can reschedule your delivery up to 48 hours before the scheduled date, using the +351 258 350 113, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or by emailing

All our deliveries are prepared at least 48 hours in advance. In case you want to reschedule your delivery after confirming our services to does not guarantee the availability of stock and reserve the right to charge the costs corresponding to the reorganization of the preparation, logistics and administrative processes indicated in 6.5.1

Delivery services use the usual accesses to delivery addresses (e.g. stairs, interior elevators) and passages in existing spans (e.g., doors and ladders). They do not use additional transport or lifting machinery or make any change in the construction of buildings.

In the event that delivery services are found to be at a high risk of damage in the transportation of products to the place of delivery or assembly, they may be discouraged. In this case, if the client intends to oppose this advice, the transport will be at his own risk and responsibility, and will not accept the costs resulting from damages resulting therefrom.

Customer liability anomalies:
In case delivery is not possible at the address or date indicated, for reasons of their responsibility and without any attempt to reschedule within the time limits indicated in 6.3.1, the products return to the distribution warehouse under the following conditions:
You will have eight days to your order for rescheduling of the delivery or assembly being that after this deadline to considers that there is the will of the customer in canceling the delivery.
The costs of the cancellation or rescheduling of the delivery, will be the result of the captivation of the stock (immobilization of the stock to its order for the excess period), transportation (Return of the products to the warehouse and new displacement for delivery), administrative processes of transport guides and invoices issued and production of new transport and billing documents) and warehouse logistics (unloading of the car, storage in the warehouse, re-preparation and re-loading), with a minimum of € 30.00 less than 30% of the order value.

Anomalies at the responsibility of makes every effort to meet delivery deadlines with customers. In the case of unforeseen events that result in non-delivery of the item on the date confirmed by, the customer may choose to reschedule the delivery to a new date or alternatively terminate the contract without additional costs and be reimbursed all sums delivered under the terms indicated in 9.4.
The customer must verify at the time of receipt if the products delivered to him are in accordance with his request and with the conditions agreed for the delivery and if there are no manufacturing and transportation deficiencies.
If this is the case, it must be entered immediately on the carrier's guide, or be refused at the place reserved for the purpose.

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