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1. Overview
    1. This Privacy Policy establishes the commitment of Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda., owner of the LethesHome brand and hereinafter referred to as LethesHome, with its Clients, in terms of personal data protection, aiming to strengthen and consolidate its relationship of trust and proximity.

      Through this Privacy Policy, LethesHome informs its Clients about the treatments that it performs with its data, as well as the rights that it recognizes to them, as holders of personal data.

      LethesHome acts in strict compliance with the principles described in this policy, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Regulation on Data Protection - GRDP) and the applicable data protection legislation, in all personal data processing activities of its responsibility. Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. treats personal data through various operational and technical means that support the activities of its business processes.

      1. Purpose

      The main purposes of this Privacy Policy as a communication tool are:

      • Strengthen and consolidate LethesHome's relationship of trust and closeness with its Customers;• Demonstrate transparency in the processing of personal data by LethesHome;• Inform Clients of their rights, as holders of personal data, and how they can exercise them;• Inform customers about LethesHome employees to whom they may request the exercise of their rights, or clarify how their personal data are being processed;  
      1. Scope of Application

      The Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the processing of personal data made by LethesHome, in the context of the intended purposes. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, it is considered personal information any information relating to an identified or identifiable particular person. It is identifiable the Customer that can be identified directly or indirectly, specifically through an identification number or through specific characteristics of its physical, physiological, genetic, cultural or social identity.

      1. Privacy Policy

      1. a) Our commitment

      The protection of your personal data is a priority for LethesHome.

      We are committed to only treating your personal data that is strictly necessary to provide you with the best services, ensuring transparency in the information and application of best practices in the field of security and protection of personal data.

      Whenever your personal data are processed by contracted entities, LethesHome will require that these entities have the same level of guarantee of privacy and security with regard to the protection of personal data.

      We want deserve your trust and that you feel that your personal data is safe with us. We will always be committed to protecting your privacy, assuming, with great seriousness, our responsibilities regarding the protection of your personal data.

      For questions related to the processing of your personal data you should contact us through the following means:

      Telephone:  +351 258 350 113 (Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm)

      Registered letter to the address: Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. Zona Industrial do Neiva, 2ºFase, 4935-232 Viana do Castelo


      1. b) What are personal data and what categories of data do we treat at Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda.?

      The new General Data Protection Regulation establishes a more extensive definition of the concept of personal data. A personal data is any information, regardless of its nature and the means in which it appears, able to identify a person. Examples of categories of personal data handled by LethesHome are:

      • Identification and contact details:

      Name, identification document number, tax identification number (NIF), age, date of birth, telephone contact, e-mail, address, job, conjugal status, education, payment data, electronic identifiers (digital sign-in credentials), etc.

      • Relationship with the Company:

      History of visits, products and services you searched, purchased or subscribed to;

      • Profile:

      Interests and preferences in your relationship with LethesHome;

      • Image:

       Video surveillance systems (CCTV) are installed to guarantee your safety, as well as the existing belongings in our stores; 

      1. c) Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
       The entity responsible for the processing of their personal data is Vianatece - Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. with its registered office at Zona Industrial do Neiva, 2ª Fase, 4935-232 Neiva, tax identification number (NIF) 502405961, and with the Registry at the Conservatory of Viana do Castelo nº 502405961.

      d) In which situations do we treat your personal data?

      At LethesHome we process your personal data with your consent, when you make a purchase, when you contract a service or when you use our site. This treatment can be done orally, in writing or through our website.

      1. e) For what purposes do we treat your personal data?

      LethesHome guarantees that your personal data are treated only for the purposes that have been communicated to you and are not used for any other purpose. Therefore we treat your personal data to guarantee the quality of the service that we provide and to be able to respond better to your needs. Some examples of purposes for which we may use your personal data:

      • Marketing:

      To inform you of news, opportunities and promotions that may interest you;

      • Online store registration:

      So that you can enjoy access to our online store, where you can conveniently do your shopping wherever you are;

      • Customer Management:

      To send you your purchases online at home without having to go to one of our stores;

      To inform you of the availability of your order.

      • Customer Card:

      In order to offer you all the advantages of the Customer Card, such as access to discounts on purchases in our stores and services, etc.

      • Videovigilância:

      For your safety and our products.

      f) On what basis do we treat your personal data?

      These are the circumstances that allow us to process your personal data:

      • Your express consent

      either in writing or orally, for example, for direct marketing purposes, to receive e-mails or text messages from LethesHome.

      • The execution of a contract

      which concluded with Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda., for example, a contract for the purchase of products and services purchased from LethesHome.

      • The fulfillment of a legal obligation
      • LethesHome's legitimate interest

      for example, arising from the compilation of suggestions / complaints, to improve the quality of the service provided

      LethesHome undertakes to treat your personal data in a manner that guarantees the confidentiality, security and protection of such data against its unauthorized or unlawful processing and against its loss, destruction or damage. 

      g) How long we keep your personal information for?

      We only retain your personal data for the period strictly necessary to fulfill the above-identified objectives within the legal limits. After the defined period of conservation, LethesHome undertakes to eliminate, destroy or anonymize your personal data. In general, LethesHome retains transaction data over a period of 10 years, this being the deadline defined by law, as well as the reasonable maximum term of life of our equipment. Regarding video surveillance, we only keep your personal data for a period of 30 days, by legal imposition. You may request additional information regarding the periods of retention of your personal data, by the following means:

      Telephone:  +351 258 350 113 (Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm)

      Registered letter to the address: Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. Zona Industrial do Neiva, 2ºFase, 4935-232 Viana do Castelo


      1. h) To whom do we transmit your personal data?

      When necessary, LethesHome may transmit your personal data to third parties - LethesHome partner companies, for example, delivery service - only and exclusively for the purpose of performing a service you have contracted, such as delivery of a product to your home. Your personal data may also be communicated, in compliance with the law, to entities of the State, such as the Tax Authority. 

      1. i) What are your personal data protection rights and how can you exercise them?
      • Right to access personal data

      You can obtain confirmation of your personal data handled by LethesHome, as well as the respective information on the purposes of the treatment or the periods of retention of this data.

      • Right to correct personal data

      If you believe any of the personal data we hold about you is incorrect or incomplet, you can request we update it.

      • Right to erasure

      You can request the erasure of your personal data, as long as there are no legal requirements for its conservation.

      • Right to data portability:

      You can receive the personal data you have provided to us in a structured way in a digital read-only format.

      • Right to object to use of personal data

      You can object or withdraw the consent you previously gave to the processing of your personal data.

      • Right to restrict use of your data

      You can request the limitation of the processing of your personal data in the form of:

      1. a) Temporarily suspend the processing of your data;
      2. b) Limitation of the scope of treatment to certain categories of data or treatment purposes.
      • Right not to be subject to automated individual decisions (profilling):

      You can ask not to be subject to any decision made exclusively on the basis of automatic processing. These decisions relate to LethesHome's definition of consumer profiles, based on their taste, interests and preferences, search and purchase history, etc., in particular to provide quality service and tailor marketing communications.

      You may exercise these rights in writing by the following means:

      Telephone:  +351 258 350 113 (Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm)

      Registered letter to the address: Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. Zona Industrial do Neiva, 2ºFase, 4935-232 Viana do Castelo


      LethesHome will carry out a careful analysis of the applications, assessing their legitimacy and relevance, and undertakes to respond in a timely manner. If necessary, the holder of personal data may also submit a complaint to the National Commission for Data Protection.

      1. j) Cookies

      LethesHome uses cookies on its websites to improve the performance and browsing experience of our users, increasing both speed response and efficiency on the one hand and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. Placing cookies not only helps websites recognize the user's device the next time they visit us, but it will also be imperative for their operation. The cookies used by LethesHome on all its websites do not collect personal information that allows identifying the user, storing only generic information, the form and / or place of access of the user and how you use the websites. Cookies retain only information related to User preferences.

      • Analysis Cookies: These are treated by us or by third parties, and allow us to quantify the number of users and carry out statistical measurement and analysis of how users use the service offered. We examine your navigation on our site, with the aim of improving the supply of products or services that we offer you.
      • Advertising Cookies: These are treated by us or by third parties, allow us to more effectively manage the offer of advertising spaces that exist on the website, being able to analyze your browsing habits and show you advertising related to your profile navigation.
      1. k) How do we protect your personal data?

      LethesHome has a range of information security measures, in line with best national and international best practices, in order to protect your personal data, including technological controls, administrative, technical, physical measures and procedures that guarantee the protection of your data prevent unauthorized use, unauthorized access and disclosure, loss, improper or inadvertent alteration, or unauthorized destruction. In terms of information security, we have taken on the same commitment to continuous improvement by which we operate in our daily activities.

      Among others, we highlight the following measures:

      • Restricted access to your personal data;
      • Safe storage and transmission of personal data;
      • Protection of information systems through devices that prevent unauthorized access to your personal data;
      • Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your personal data;
      • Continuous monitoring of information systems, with the aim of preventing, detecting and preventing the misuse of your personal data;
      • Redundancy of storage equipment, processing and communication of personal data, to avoid loss of availability.

      1. l) Updates to this Privacy Policy

      LethesHome reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any updates made, the same will be announced not only through our website, but also through other means of communication that the company understands as most appropriate. The information will be sent, for all our customers or potential customers, to the indicated means of contact. Continued use of our website, applications, services and features offered after such communication will have value, and will be deemed as, your agreement to such changes.

      Last Updated: 18-06-2018.

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